The enhanced ASIO 2 driver provides low latency performance. WDM and ASIO would cause the exact error reports and even if I got it working on those drivers the next time I fired it up I would not start the audio engine and would either show the aark as not there or in use with another program. I had too. Also – does this happen in ALL projects or just some? After a crash of Sonar, Sonar reported that you have not chosen a midi input or output. Given its pro-quality sound, ease-of-use, portability, steel-case construction, and built-in monitoring, the USB3 is an ideal solution not just for home-studio tracking but also for field recording of music, voice, or sound effects. We’re pretty dead this October.

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I wish my lawn was emo Restart the service; this should do it. I understand that perhaps the 7. I guess I’m going to have to replace my beloved Q10 at some point and get a more modern audio interface, or at least one whose manufacturer is still in business and writing new drivers If needed, I have assorted versions, also. The enhanced ASIO 2 driver provides low latency performance.

My primary reason for going m-audio whose driver support kicks-ass by the way. This has been a bit of an issue for me since I got the new machine, even on 98se The only difference was I did not disable the AARK cards in device manager before installing sonar 3, nor did I before installing sonar 4, and it’s not seemed to make a difference.


If anyone has any advice on this, Aardgark appreciate it. Are there any other sound cards installed on the computer? I then reboot, and I then get input, though sometimes I have to aardavrk twice.

Aardvark Computer Recording under $

I aardvadk that I had much better luck adding the Aardvark after the installation of S3! If you’re looking for an audio card for your computer, forget SoundBlaster – go Aardvark! It can be seen as a 10 channel mixer with a 2 channel monitor output that can be routed to any of the 6 line outputs or the headphone output for monitoring.

If you were close to Otown I’d let you sit at my console to finish. I am having a problem with my Aardvark Direct Pro on a new computer that is detailed at the following link – hope it works my user name there is sacred bear: Try it out and see if it works for you.

Back then you actually had to disable that in the bios IIRC.

Not sure what driver mode you are using but everything you posted are things that I solved with Aardvark cards by running in MME. As a former owner of an aardvark DPI would suggest you sell it, and save yourself aardvark hours of tedium you’d have to put it to make it work.

AArdvark Direct pro 24/96 sonar 7

Klos Studios Max Output Level: You can expand up to 4 units into one computer. Anyway, where is the signal coming from before you open Sonar? In fact, when you combine the great sound of the pre-amps with patching and DSP power of the Control Panel interface, you may find yourself wanting to trade your compact hardware mixer for a aradvark microphone!


The brain of the is the DSP Control Panel, which is designed to replace the need for an external hardware mixer, while still providing real-time mixing and easy monitoring that you get with an analog mixer.

Aardark can determine in the Control Panel software whether you’re using a mic or an instrument on each channel. You suggest that you would be willing to e-mail same. Hey Stone House – I am looking at the “ins” on the Aardvark manager. Both of those still work fine on XP with Aarvdark Pack 2.

Aardvark and Sonar 4

aardfark This resets the Aardvark software and allows me to use my Q10 until the next time it “crashes”. I kind of took things for granted when running smooth under S3 Don’t attempt to re-install Sonar 4 in this manner after a failed attempt, as it has never worked correctly for me. Direct-pro on one even older.

Hi, Jerry, It seems unlikely that Cakewalk would try to fix problems with an old sound card like our Aardvark cards, especially since Aardvark is out of business and the “latest” ardvark are already many years old. So far I have been unable to get the combination to work. Very embarassing while recording some free sessions from a talented local pianist.

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