Drag Click and hold, then use finger to drag the cursor on the touchpad. Connects to IEEE devices. Cleaning and servicing When cleaning the computer, follow these steps: Apparatus Claims of U. The infrared port does not work. For more information about our products, services, and support information, please visit our Web site:

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Telecom’s specifications, the associated equipment shall be set to ensure that calls are answered between 3 and 30 seconds of receipt of ringing. Travvelmate it works, contact your dealer or an authorized service center as the internal keyboard cable may be loose.

Customizing My Computer 2 Customizing my computer The central location on the travelmte provides optimum comfort and support. The more recent models come with better graphics cards.

You will be asked to reenter your password for confirmation before continuing. It featured an Intel Centrino duo chip set consisting of I pressed the power button and opened buetooth display, but the computer does not start or boot-up. Page 60 This chapter instructs you on how to deal with common system problems.

Use the Windows shutdown command. In order to operate within the limits for compliance with Telecom’s specifications, the associated equipment shall be set to ensure that automatic calls to different numbers are spaced such that there is not less than 5 seconds between the end of one call attempt and the beginning of another. Then close and latch the display.


Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. The computer display has a native resolution of x XGA for the Keep your fingers dry bluftooth clean when using the touchpad.

Acer Travelmate Desamble – Acer TravelMate

Page 90 Appendix B Notices Optical drive Your computer comes equipped with an optical drive which may be one of the following Right-click on your Windows desktop and select Properties to bring up the Display Properties dialog box. Latch Latch for opening and closing the computer.

This chapter instructs you on how to deal with common system problems. When you are ready to use the computer again, unlatch and open the display; then press and release the power button. Traveling Ttavelmate The Computer Setting up a home office If you frequently work on your computer at home, you may want to purchase a second AC adapter for use at home.

Acer TravelMate 4050 laptop Bluetooth device drivers

Houses the computer’s hard disk secured by a screw. To activate hot keys, press and hold gluetooth Fn key before pressing the other key in the hot key combination.

Index Index AC adapter caring for AcerMedia drive audio adjusting the volume troubleshooting battery pack caring for BIOS utility brightness hotkeys caps lock travelmats indicator care AC adapter battery pack computer CD-ROM ejecting ejecting manually troubleshooting cleaning computer computer bringing to meetings caring for cleaning disconnecting Acer Gateway Packard Bell.


Check to see if ” Acer disc-to-disc Recovery not.

Work with unmatched productivity and reliability with your new power computing partner. Power off the computer and remove the battery pack. This article needs to be updated.

With a second AC adapter, you can avoid transporting the extra weight to and from home. More recent versions feature dual core processors along with a 5-in-1 card reader, a large hard drive and a lot of memory. Remove the screws from the memory cover a ; then lift up and remove the memory cover b. Place your proof-of- purchase in the flap located inside the front cover of the ITW passport. Installing memory Follow these steps to install memory: Table Of Contents Taking the computer home Traveling with the computer Traveling internationally with the computer Securing your computer Using a computer security lock Using passwords 2 Customizing my computer Expanding through options Connectivity options Upgrade options Using system utilities Acer eManager Launch Manager Storage Storage This computer supplies you with the following media storage:

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